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TALK: Teaching and Assessing Language for Kids is located in Burlingame and serves the greater Bay Area by providing comprehensive speech and language therapy for children. At TALK, we offer assessments and intensive programs for the treatment of all speech, voice, language, fluency, social and developmental delays and disorders.

Our goal is to make speech therapy an effective and rewarding experience for children and their families. We are experts in all areas of communication disorders and strive to be an effective and approachable resource for parents and their children. We understand that no two children are alike, and we tailor our treatment plans to each individual child and family.

We believe your child learns best in a playful, but structured setting with plenty of positive reinforcement. Therefore, TALK offers an inviting, child-friendly environment in which your child will grow and learn. We also encourage our parents to observe and learn from their child’s treatment sessions, ask questions whenever they arise, and take home mastered skills for generalization in the home and school environments.

At TALK, a child’s communication needs are the guiding force behind evaluation and treatment. A “whole child” approach is utilized so that communication needs are being met in every situation which your child encounters. It is our priority to work with your child’s teacher, doctor and other therapists, creating the best opportunity for growth and success.