Our Approach

Data Driven Therapy

Therapy in most clinics is subjective and not tracked from session to session. At TALK, we take data every session and allow the analyzed data to drive the direction of session. We make it a point to work on every goal, every session. Studies have found that repetition is the key to progress. TALK’s data driven and repetitious nature allows for visible progress both in sessions and in a child’s natural environment.

Initial Assessment

At TALK, each child undergoes an initial assessment. During this session, which typically lasts an hour and a half, we will get to know you and your child, to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and hear your concerns regarding your child’s communication. Following informal evaluation, the parent/parents filling out a history form, and a parent interview we will determine if your child can benefit from speech and language therapy.

Treatment Sessions

Based on the results of the initial assessment, your child will participate in a brief series of diagnostic treatment sessions. During this time standardized and non-standardized assessment tools, unstructured play, and parent input will be utilized to create a unique treatment plan for your child. Functional, measurable goals will be developed to target your child’s communication needs. Research-based treatment techniques and data collection are used in each session in order to document your child’s progress.

Therapy will be carried out in a fun and positive manner. We will focus on using your child’s strengths to build up their weaknesses. We realize that one therapy technique will not work for every child, so we tailor each session to meet your child’s needs. Our desire is to keep these sessions playful while working towards the outlined goals.

Progress Meetings

Quarterly progress reports will be generated, using the analyzed data from the sessions, and presented to parents outlining your child’s improvement and recommendations for future intervention, if needed.

We provide treatment in 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions. We are available to attend IEP meetings, discuss your child with other professionals, and conduct school observations.

Speech and Language Screenings

Screenings are available at local daycares, pre-schools, and elementary schools. At the screening, we will determine if your child is developing normally, should be rechecked in the future, or recommend your child to come into our office for an initial assessment. Please contact us to inquire about dates and locations or to set up a screening at your school.

Professional Development and Inservices

TALK also offers professional development seminars and inservices on speech, language and communication development for teachers, early childhood educators, and other professionals working with children. Please contact us to inquire about availability and topics for your group.

Payment Options

We accept cash, check and credit card payments and can provide receipts for your insurance reimbursement needs. Additionally, we are an approved vendor for the Golden Gate Regional Center.